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  • Automotive/Industrial Exhaust/Mufflers repair and replacement
  • Automotive/Industrial Radiator repair and replacement
  • Automotive Tire replacement, installation,mount and balance,repair
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Cooling system diagnosis and repair
  • Engine light/Trouble Codes/Scan tests repair and diagnosis
  • AVR tests/Battery/Alternator/Starter diagnosis and replacement
  • Out of Province licesenced and Insurance Inspection Facility
  • All types of Brake system diagnosis and repair including ABS system
  • 4X4 diagnosis and repair
  • Seasonal maintenance, Oil and grease jobs, all fluid replacement
  • Transmission service, replacement and removal
  • Performance vehicle upgrades, Tuners, Free Flow exhaust, Air Intake systems, Headers
  • Engine removal and replacement
  • Intake gaskets, Head Gaskets
  • Full Tune ups
  • Fuel Pumps,
  • No starts/Hard starts/Intermittant starting issues
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Window replacement
  • Suspension Kits/Lift Kits
  • Fuel Pumps,
Automotive/Industrial Radiator Phone: (780) 468-6464

A leaking radiator effects a vehicle’s engine, and affects vehicle safety. Your car radiator is one of the most important operating components of your automobile. Responsible for keeping your automobile’s engine at a safe operating temperature, a malfunctioning automotive radiator could mean big trouble for you if you do not seek professional mechanical attention immediately. The most common reason to have a leak in a radiator is age. Another reason is that a hole could have been punctured due to a rock or other small item being kicked up the air intake.

Radiator Flush & Fill Service
This service includes an inspection of the radiator (or cooling system) to make sure that it is cooling the engine properly. Our technicians will diagnose the problem and recommend repairs.

Hose Replacement Service
The trained and certified auto mechanics at Alta Custom will inspect all hoses in the cooling system and replace those that are old and damaged so that coolant flows through the system properly.

Cooling System Repairs & Parts Replacement
At Alta Custom our Edmonton mechanics can perform all types of cooling system repairs and parts replacement including replacement of radiator, thermostat, water pump, and heater core.

For all your needs regarding auto repair including radiators whether it has to do with your Import and Domestic vehicles, Passenger Vehicles, SUV’s, Trucks of all size’s, 4×4’s, Motor home’s, Cube Van’s and Commercial vehicle’s, Alta Custom is your Edmonton auto repair shop. We clean, repair and replace all kinds of radiators including industrial ones. Call us today or better yet come into our Edmonton radiator repair shop.

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