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Alta Custom Exhaust
Alta Custom Exhaust
9251 50th Street
Edmonton, AB T6B 3B6
Tel: (780) 468-6464

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-2pm
  • Automotive/Industrial Exhaust/Mufflers repair and replacement
  • Automotive/Industrial Radiator repair and replacement
  • Automotive Tire replacement, installation,mount and balance,repair
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Cooling system diagnosis and repair
  • Engine light/Trouble Codes/Scan tests repair and diagnosis
  • AVR tests/Battery/Alternator/Starter diagnosis and replacement
  • Out of Province licesenced and Insurance Inspection Facility
  • All types of Brake system diagnosis and repair including ABS system
  • 4X4 diagnosis and repair
  • Seasonal maintenance, Oil and grease jobs, all fluid replacement
  • Transmission service, replacement and removal
  • Performance vehicle upgrades, Tuners, Free Flow exhaust, Air Intake systems, Headers
  • Engine removal and replacement
  • Intake gaskets, Head Gaskets
  • Full Tune ups
  • Fuel Pumps,
  • No starts/Hard starts/Intermittant starting issues
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Window replacement
  • Suspension Kits/Lift Kits
  • Fuel Pumps,
Out of Province Vehicle Inspection Services Phone: (780) 468-6464

All vehicles registered in another province must complete the one-time Out of Province (OPI) Vehicle Inspection within three months of being brought into Alberta and before they can be registered in the province. It consists of a thorough inspection of the vehicle including all vehicle components, fuel and exhaust systems, electrical, engine controls, powertrain, driveline, steering, suspension, braking systems, wiring and lights, tires, glass, wipers and defrosters. The structure and body of the vehicle is also inspected.

At Alta Custom Exhaust, we specialize in evaluating vehicles for condition reporting throughout Edmonton, Alberta. Out of Province inspections in Edmonton are unbiased and performed by only licensed certified mechanics.

Come in today for your Out of Province inspections in Edmonton, Alberta.

Alta Custom Exhaust
9251 50th Street
Edmonton, ABĀ  T6B 3B6
Tel: 780 468 6464

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