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Edmonton’s Complete Automotive Repair Centre

Alta Custom Exhaust is much more than just an exhaust and muffler repair shop. We provide high-quality auto repair service at affordable auto repair rates throughout Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding areas. At Alta Custom Exhaust, we specialize in all aspects of repair including diagnostics, tires, wheel alignment, exhaust and muffler repair and replacement, engine repair and auto maintenance services.

Come in today to Alta Custom Exhaust for all your car and truck repair needs.

What Our Customers Say

I called 5 different shops to get prices on fixing/replacing my cat. This was the only place that understood my vehicle and got me exactly what I needed. No up-selling, just exactly what I needed not just what they could sell me. I was in and out within 45 minutes and after having a trusted friend inspect the weld job he was shocked at how clean and well done it was. Mo, the guy that worked on my car, talked me through everything and made sure I was clear on pricing before working on the car. The nice guys behind the counter(sorry I didn't catch the names) were very professional and had superb customer service skills. Can't recommend them enough.
Adrien Guy
22:43 10 Jan 23
Overall, 11/10, I recommend this business!!!!First off, I want to thank ALL the employees at Alta for their kindness this time of the year. I'm very nervous about going to places for help as I've been screwed over more than once. Second, EVERYONE should be going here for their car needs. PLEASE! SUPPORT! THIS! BUSINESS!Customer Service: 11/10. From the moment I walked in this morning, until I left, I felt so welcomed. They were friendly, and knowledgeable. Not once did I hear "I don't know" when asking my questions. I was emailing them for the past two days and they were able to know who I was, BY NAME, without me having to say who I was. They remembered details of the emails and took the time to go over everything WITH someone from the shop to ensure I was getting the care I needed. On top of this, they allowed me, on short notice to them, to reschedule for today when my car would not start yesterday. They built such a wonderful rapport with me, that my spouse and I now want to bring my car in for its servicing needs next week. They've gained a long term customer from their attentiveness alone.Efficiency: 10/10. The gentleman from the shop took the car out to physically check the issue. We were having issues with the driver tire (something was lodged or it was the bearing that needed replacing). When they couldn't hear the same noises we did, they brought the car into the shop to further diagnose the issue. Fortunately, they found a small rock, removed it and brought my car back out to me, all within half an hour or so. Quickest service I've had in my LIFE!!! I found they were pretty thorough!!!!! I've seen several other places before and they take so much time and they don't bother talking much to me about the issue, quoting me for the work or taking the car out to see/ hear what I do so they can understand what I'm trying to explain.Cleanliness: 10/10. Their parking lot, shop and customer service areas were clean. No piles of vehicles, half parked or crowded in the lot. The shop didn't have tools all over the place, or look dirty/ messy. The customer area was comfortable and neat. Their desk didn't have parts or paperwork everywhere, the floor was clear of dirt/ snow and when I had to used their washroom, it was also clean. That's impressive for someone, like myself, with allergies galore.Location: 10/10. Where they are located is easy to access. It's on a service road parallel to 50 street so it helps going in and coming out of their parking lot. You aren't coming out onto a busy road in an industrial area.
20:29 21 Dec 22
I had an appointment to get true dual exhaust with resonator delete and they did an awesome job and the best thing is that I’m in a wheelchair I didn’t have to get out of the vehicle because of the snow. They treated us with so much respect and after the job was done they ran the truck and made sure there were absolutely no exhaust leaks. For future I would recommend taking your vehicle there if need exhaust done. Thanks to alll the workers there
Christov G
16:44 18 Dec 22
I’m very thankful that a friend of mine referred me to Alta Custom Exhaust as they have been the best mechanic and tire shop I’ve ever experienced. The owners are outstanding! The mechanics are very proficient with diagnostics and are very thorough.I don’t think I’ll take my car anywhere else. Very professional mechanics. They do their best to get you the best solutions with any issue your car might need.Support local entrepreneurs! You will see the benefits of supporting this local small business.
23:08 06 Dec 22
After an attempted theft of my Catalytic Converter, Alta was able to get me in right away for a fix. It took them about an hour. They were so helpful and friendly and I am so grateful for how easy and quick they made the repairs.They were also very informative and gave me some good information about the repair and my car.Thank you!
Dana Eklics
18:27 06 Sep 22
Going by the website and the reviews, Living over an hour out of the city I wasn't sure what to expect but was hopeful.. I could not be happier the work done was perfect and the price very fair. I will make the drive in the future as the need comes up. Thank you
Bruce Jagger
18:43 02 Sep 22
My experience here was amazing. They fit me in when they were clearly busy and it was done fast! Great work at a competitive price. Definitely would recommend.
Taylor Wasylyk
23:03 31 Aug 22
Been there twice, really quick and fair rates. Serviced my vehicle without appointment but it's better if you do because your vehicle wont get 100% focus, they can only make time for yours between appointments. They missed a low oil level and filled my ps fluid well past the max line. But cant really fault them
05:03 23 Aug 22
I've gone to this place since I've owner a car, they've always helped me make my car be a bit different than what it usually is and they are always extremely helpful when it comes to fixing and making the car sound better than it usually does. I've taken many cars to them to get fixed and I absolutely love it, is terrible to know that the city is trying to implement this new law to stop the noise of vehicles and removal of mufflers which could mean that this company may lose work and money, I hope this law doesn't pass by so this awesome stablishment can fulfill whay they been doing for so long and keep working hard to make other people happy like they've done to me many times
claudio isea
16:26 16 Aug 22
Got recommended to check this place out, due to a poor work done by previous shop in Calgary. I was able to get in quick and they showed me the work that was done properly now. Highly recommend.
Tyler Stripling
16:16 10 Aug 22
Have taken multiple vehicles here. The staff are super friendly and welcoming and the front of house staff are very helpful. Customer for life!
jesse reddon
23:20 15 Jul 22
Alta Custom Exhaust was highly recommended by service manager at Kal Tire on Chippewa.My heat shield had become unfastened, I called Alta Custom Exhaust and spoke with Darrel. Brought my car in and it was repaired immediately.Amazing service, kind reception, speedy service and great explanation of repair.I am from Ontario and I have never received such great service.Thank you immensely.
Monique Fournier
16:28 07 Jul 22
If I ever have anything exhaust related I'm sent here by my regular mechanica shop. Was referred here by a lady who's been in the business for 30+ years and I can see why. Friendly service, fair prices and they only replace the parts that need replacing. I've been here with 2 of my vehicles and it will be my go to in the future. Highly suggested.
14:30 25 Jun 22
Seems like a stand-up operation. Alta was recently recommended by a body shop, for some damage I had done. They were able to diagnose, but the universal bracket was too small, so no charge!
Carlos Dudas
09:58 14 Jun 22
Had such a wonderful experience at Alta Custom Exhaust today! Accidentally backed into a concrete block and damaged my exhaust, causing excessive noise. Was able to get in the next morning to have it assessed and repaired. Zac was very polite and pointed out the necessary repairs and provided an estimate before starting the work. I was worried it would be terribly expensive but the price was quite reasonable. Would definitely recommend for those needing exhaust repairs!
Perry Mitchell
02:04 09 Jun 22
They were very nice to deal with.Took time to explain issues and listened to me.Highly recommend them
bev allen
15:15 05 May 22
I would Like to Thank Zak and the guys for the Excellent service and the installation of my new Exhaust. Great customer service and they were great with suggestions with what products would work for me and even saved me some money.
Ron Verb
22:55 30 Apr 22
Service was great. Price was good. I would use them again if needed.
Doug Cox
04:00 17 Mar 22
after my first visit to Alta custom exhaust for an exhaust issues on my SUV I can honestly say that its by far the best repair shop in Edmonton. staff and techs are very professional, knowledgeable and customer service is second to none.Zak took the time explaining in details what exactly they were going to do once they diagnosed the problem. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and assistance. Many thanks Zak.This will be the only place ill ever take my vehicle for repair.I would highly recommend Ata Custom Exhaust for reliable, affordable & speedy auto services.Charbel
00:51 16 Feb 22
Absolute outstanding work on my 1994 dodge, took it in for custom dual exhaust and they did an incredible job and went the extra mile to make sure everything looked good. Will definitely be coming back in the future for any of my exhaust needs
Anthony Schmidt
00:57 23 Jan 22
By far the best and most honest mechanic I’ve found in the Edmonton area. Excellent service as well. Not only are they honest but do their best to save you money and get what you actually pay for and then some without all the extra “add ons”These gentlemen will actually educate you so that you have the knowledge of what’s really going on with your vehicle and different options that are cost effective.They treat you very well on a personal level which is exceptional!I highly recommend their shop to anyone and I will be taking any of my mechanical issues minor or major to them.
Brando C
01:11 22 Jan 22
Fantastic service! I was in a bind that was time sensitive and they got me in, did a great job and put an extra person on my vehicle to get me out in time. Then charged me over $130 less than they quoted because the parts were on sale from their supplier and instead of keeping that, passed those savings on to their customer. Very impressed and grateful.
Kimberly Crockford
23:31 09 Dec 21
Amazing service! As usual, I left booking my winter tire change to the last minute and they got me in same day! Made it right before the massive snow fall. They were quick and friendly, would definitely come back.
18:55 18 Nov 21
These guys are a custom exhaust shop so I thought they'd charge the most hence why I called around. Most quotes were 500$ plus to replace my muffler and add a Y pipe (I brought my own parts)These guys did it for 350 ... crazy. Awesome deal and great work.Don't hesitate to try them out. I'll definitely come back for my summer cars downpipe install
04:14 15 Nov 21
I go in there because I bought the wrong size clamp somewhere else which was my fault I go to buy the right size clamp from them and the fellow who worked there named Zak just threw me the right size clamp for what I need no cost of mine at all and then gave me excellent professional expert opinion and advice on what I should do with my upcoming exhaust system needs. As a exhaust technician myself for many years ago no longer I know the things that he told me we're true and I really appreciate the route in which he conducts business that will secure future business for my needs down the road based on such a pleasant experience.-steve '04 dodge diesel
steve tedo
23:51 09 Nov 21
Had a new muffler installed. Guys did a great job. Quick and polite and the price was responsible! Thank you!
Don Perron
19:15 28 Oct 21
It’s often difficult to find competent service for my S-type Jaguar. For years, I have had problems with the air conditioning where the engine, once warmed up, started to blow hot air into the cabin despite the air conditioning being turned on to maximum cooling. Dedicated Jaguar and Import-specialty repair shops gave me every excuse in the book why they couldn’t solve the problem … some suggesting repairs in the thousands of dollars for new circuit boards, new central consoles and so on. I decided to leave the problem unaddressed, using the a/c as little as possible because I didn’t trust anyone who obviously wasn’t confident they found the problem, but were willing to ‘experiment’ on my dime to test out a few possible theories of what ‘might’ work. In the past few months, I finally had a problem with intermittent overheating of the engine, where if I stopped the car and restarted it a couple of times, the overheating problem sorted itself out. Yet another Jaguar specialist repair shop was stumped … they had no idea what the problem was, and they charged me for ‘fixing’ a problem that turned out to be left unfixed. Things were getting more serious, so I finally asked Alta Custom Exhaust to check over my car. When I asked them if they were comfortable looking at a Jaguar, they didn’t bat an eye, and welcomed the job. I have nothing much to add other than the story has a happy ending. They found the problem immediately and repaired it quickly, professionally, at a reasonable cost. It turned out to be a difficult-to-locate leak in the water pump for the cooling system, causing the pressure to drop intermittently, affecting all other cooling functions, and eventually engine overheating. It has been several months now, and the car temperature is perfectly stable, the air conditioning works reliably again after years of problems, the engine stays cool, and the car runs like new again, without the intermittent cooling/heating problems. It was a simple fix, but it needed to be looked at by guys who knew what they were doing, and not a bunch of shysters who were only interested in experimenting with expensive “possible’ solutions, where the object was to pad-out their bottom line more than fix my car. I can’t recommend these guys enough … honesty, integrity and professionalism!
Adam Bartos
19:10 26 Oct 21
Called them on a Friday morning when we realized someone had stolen the catalytic converter from our motorhome. They got us in the same day and we were on the road for a long weekend trip by late afternoon. Friendly and explained everything with options, final price was exactly as they quoted. They offered to rush the job when they saw I was walking with two small kids so we could just wait an hour, but we declined as it's a short walk to our house. Definitely recommend!
Evan Noble
17:02 14 Oct 21
I called all around Calgary looking for a custom 3" straight pipe exhaust for my GTI. All the quotes I got were min $1000. I called down to these gentlemen and the price was half as much as everywhere else. Bookedy car in and from start to finish it was nothing but professionally and expert work. My exhaust looks beautiful and sounds amazing. Can't thank you guys enough.
06:59 19 Sep 21
Had the muffler chopped off my Subaru here. Good service, and didn’t try to push me into spending any extra money. Would recommend.
Liam Johns
21:23 27 Aug 21
With honest advice, and not trying to push the most expensive options on me, these guys definitely earned a return customer.
Anthony Fortier
06:24 17 Aug 21
Very professional and knowledgeable. High quality work and very quick. 3rd cat delete, new muffler, and exhaust tip in 1 hour. Highly recommend!!!
Austin Delorme
17:08 22 Jul 21
Great job fixing my exhaust. Friendly staff and clean environment. I highly recommend this business.
Mohamed ElSalamouny
05:42 16 Jul 21
I needed a quick job done that entailed a gentle precision touch. The tech mailed it perfectly and as a result a persistent exhaust leak now remedied. Thanks!
Kevin Grenier
15:25 09 Jul 21
Made an appointment day before to bring in vehicle first thing in the morning. Arrived at shop, and vehicle was looked at straight away. Supplied my own muffler, Alta custom replaced old one, installed/welded new one in very short period of time. Fast, efficient, professional. Thanks again. Highly recommended.Chris
Christopher Ouellette
17:01 30 Jun 21
Ok, so we came into the shop inquiring about options for an exhaust system for my 67 Ford Galaxie. We discussed a few options and booked into the shop the next am for install. We were able to try several different styles of mufflers to determine which we liked best and proceeded with my approval. Upon hearing the exhaust on the drive home I was just not happy with the sound that I had chosen. I made one simple call back to the shop to explain my mistake and that it was no fault of the shop, but I just wasn't happy with it. They were quite willing to work with me to find what I wanted instead and booked me in the next am to replace my mistake at 1/4 of what I was expecting to pay for my previous wrong decision. These guys are super friendly, knowledgeable and professional as well as fast. Very good customer service, even insured me that they would take care of me if I still wasn't happy. I am happy. I would highly recommend this shop for any service they provide. Will definately use them in the future and recommend to others.
shane matchim
03:43 17 Jun 21
Great service and fair prices. definitely gonna bring my genesis coupe back here, thanks to zak!-Marq
nevermore forev
07:34 06 Jun 21
Got a last minute appointment in. Was easy to communicate my idea over the phone and was completed same day. Will definitely continue to work with them.
Ryan Finlay (I Did A Thing)
00:12 29 May 21
Called the guys up the day before. They told me to bring in my truck first thing in the morning. Within an hour I had tested a few mufflers for my truck, picked one and they had it installed in the same hour. Very professional, very friendly and was really impressed with their time management. Definitely will deal with this shop again.
Chase Yaremchuk
02:34 13 May 21
Very professional team! I called about getting my exhaust repaired he said it was something he can do and to swing by, once I arrived he said it's something out of their hands and sent me to another shop I really appreciate the honestly and quick service!If you need any custom fab these are the dudes!!
Alex Star
22:11 16 Apr 21
I went to check an exhaust leak about 2 weeks ago, and the service was phenomenal at this shop. They first replaced a rusty clamp which was believed to be the source of the leak. As I was driving out of the shop, the car still was noisy and the gentleman made sure I left the shop with the leak properly fixed. And they did! I'm happy with their service. 100% recommend this shop!
Oussama Tijani
05:19 11 Mar 21
They are very nice and helpful. They put a new resonator for me because someone stole my resonator because the thief thought it was a converter. They are very fast. It took only 45 min. They tried to help save me money and explained all options of how to fix it.
Joy Anne Vergara
19:33 10 Mar 21
Nice people to deal wth. Very honest. Very reasonable pricing. Fast repairs. Highly recommended.
David Black
03:22 08 Feb 21
Very impressed with the honest diagnosis of my exhaust issue on my later model Ford Escape. The technician did a thorough analysis of the complete exhaust system and advised me on only what was necessary for the repair. Work performed was professional, high quality and completed in a timely manner. Based on today's experience, I will be a returning customer.
Wesley Reyda
01:52 17 Jan 21
Had done Exhaust work done. Done work smoothly and in a short time. Great service. Definitely going back every time for exhaust work. Great and friendly staff.
sagar kumar
05:09 07 Jan 21
Went to Alta today to get a custom exhaust on my car. The people at Alta are very upfront about everything that goes on, and it makes it really easy to work with them. They invited me into the shop to take a look under my car, and from there we discussed options on what I wanted, and what they thought was best. My exhaust tech, Al, did a really good job on my exhaust, and got it done in a timely manner. Alta has great prices, and great people working there. I will come back for all of my exhaust needs.Thank you guys!
Connor Fairchild
05:03 29 Dec 20
Zak is amazing! We always bring vehicles here for all our exhaust needs! Super friendly and professional. Gets you in quick and gets the job done right! I have never had an issue going here. Awesome prices too. Always have and always will bring my vehicles here 🙂 couldn't be more satisfied!
Nikki Sara
20:47 24 Dec 20
I called them one morning after calling a few muffler shops. Zach took the time to listen to me and was calm and patient explaining what may need to be done. He was not rushed or at all pushy to talk to. Even booked me in right away. The help they provided was amazing. They went above and beyond by showing me and explained in detail to what exactly they were going to do once they saw the issue. Very accommodating. Went there to have my exhaust repaired after someone tried stealy my catalytic converter. Service was the best I have experienced for any repair shop I have dealt with. Had me in and out within 30 mins. As well, very affordable. I will be going there for all my vehicles issues in the future.
Shandra Calvert
21:52 18 Nov 20
This is a great place to bring your vehicle. My vehicle was damaged,due to theft and within 1 day the mechanics were able to get the parts needed and fix my vehicle. I'm really impressedThank you Zack and the wonderful staff at Alta Custom Exhaust. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.
Sasha Binnom
07:20 13 Nov 20
Great group to work with. Replaced muffler back in an old SUV. Was looking for slightly more aggressive sound than stock. Suggested muffler was perfect but we’re more than willing to test several. Work was done to a high standard at a reasonable price.
Justin Duthie
17:03 15 Oct 20
The service I received at Alta Custom Exhaust was incredible. I was able to get my vehicle in immediately, and the exact work I had requested was completed, along with additional recommendations made. Zak, at the service desk, was extremely knowledgeable, explained everything clearly, and provided diagrams and cost breakdowns. Service was prompt, transparent, and informative. When an additional (though minor) problem with a gasket seal arose, they recommended I order the part from the dealership for the best seal, but offered to have it installed to minimize my bill. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone who feels nervous about being taken advantage of when they need mechanical work done! Five stars!
Shelby Olsen
19:16 03 Oct 20
I’ve been here four times before for exhaust work on various cars and they are great. Reasonable and trustworthy. Recently we attended as we were worried about an exhaust leak entering my wifes car. They checked it out and confirmed it wasn’t an exhaust leak - no charge! I’ll send everyone who needs exhaust work here!
Speed23 K
01:21 17 Sep 20
Best exhaust place in Edmonton hands down. Brought my wrx over here to Zak and they did a really good job even with the recommendations on what would look and sound best for my car. They know what theyre doing so youre in good hands if you come here. Prices are very good here too. Zak will give you a good price and an honest price.
Alec F
00:15 09 Sep 20
Zach is great . Pleasant no rush attitude. I went in with a vehicle that had loud exhaust from previous owner. Only realized how loud it was on the highway driving. Called Zach and came in store. Busy time ,yet Zach manged to get us in pretty quick . Offered alternative muffler with reasonable price . Quick job done in 40 minutes and we were back on highway. He even suggested if we had stock muffler the job would be half price!. Great customer service and great mechanics. Job done and car is quiet now. Babies can sleep well while we hit highway again . Thanks Zach. We will shop again.
15:04 31 Aug 20
Had a bad muffler with a lot of rusted out holes needed switching. Contacted a few other places but nothing in stock. Found Alta and spoke with them about options. They had the stock and let me know the decision was best determined by showing the vehicle. 30 minutes later I was there and gone again, they took a quick look at my truck, told me what I needed as well as gave me options for others. I did the install myself by choice but given the accuracy and professionalism of this company I am certain the choice would have been clear had I not. Definitely will be recommending and requesting their services in the future. Clear, straight to the point, they know their stuff!!
Skuiggles Klg
05:59 31 Aug 20
These guys deserve 10 stars I am very happy with their service, quality and equiltyBefore waste your money anywhere else I highly recommend please check with these guys
Parminder Singh
16:25 27 Aug 20
Fairly priced and easy to deal with. Showed up with no appointment in the middle of the day with exhaust issues, and the welders were able to diagnose my problems and have them fixed in the hour.
Skylar Dunning
21:13 24 Aug 20
The exhaust was fixed promptly at a very reasonable cost.
Irene Miller
17:32 24 Aug 20
I had an exhaust rust out and break off my '08 Eclipse. I came in just to get a quote, but Zak quickly diagnosed what needed to be done and installed a new exhaust tip. In and out within an hour with no appointment. Would highly recommend to anybody. Welder was also very nice and professional.
05:21 04 Aug 20
Very pleased the staff and they made sure I was happy and my exhaust suited what I needed. Highly recommend and will be returning with my truck.
Adam Petten
18:13 17 Jul 20
If you are looking to get the job done quickly, efficiently and professionally then you should not look any further than Alta Exhaust. I won’t lie by saying they are the best in the city, because I haven’t visited all the other shops. What can I tell you then? After my visit and experience, I certainly won’t be looking to visit any other shops in the future. To the shop owners, apologies on the late review but I had to make sure I sum up my experience the correct way. Thank you once again for the generosity and the amazing work you guys did.
Wafi Chowdhury
05:19 16 Jul 20
6 OUT OF 5 STARS! They are excellent in every way, saved me money with their honesty and I would strongly recommend them to everyone. They performed the work in 1/3 less time and the total cost was about 1/2 of what I expected. DETAILS: I told the gentleman at the counter what my intentions were in replacing my existing exhaust system on my Firebird, we had a look at it on a hoist, he suggested changes to my request, gave me an estimate so I made an appointment to have the work done. On the morning of the appointment they put my car on the hoist, one of the senior exhaust specialists looked at my car, we discussed my request and he suggested the same changes as the other person. He told me that there is no need for me to replace as much as I wanted because the system was in great shape and there would be no viable improvements by doing the extras I originally requested, I would lose ground clearance and possibly have oxygen sensor issues even with O2 cheaters. He said all I really needed to do is replace the muffler, the pipes to my tips and put in new tips of my choice out of their numerous choices. He performed the agreed-to work, sealed a small leak and stopped a rattle which I thought was a cat convertor but only a loose sensor. They could have charged me a whole lot more parts & labour if they wanted to but did not. They are awesome!
04:57 16 Jun 20
I got a resonator delete here and It sounds incredible!! Zak is very nice. Would definitely coming back!
Christianne Parel
21:11 23 May 20
Mo and Zahir (Zach) greeted me with good spirit, thoroughly explained to me the issues with my car, and offered a reasonable price to have it repaired. I recommend this business as it offers great customer service at an affordable price and timely manner. Thank you again.
Michelle La
18:09 22 May 20
Amazing shop to work with. Feels very "mom and pop" esque. You know you're helping a local business. We had some trouble deciding which route to take so they pulled me in the shop and looked under my car with me. Amazing welding work and great time management. I received a muffler delete and two new dual tips. Took less than an hour. Even offered my girlfriend and I lunch as we were paying. Highly recommend.
Josh B
00:56 27 Apr 20
Quality work, fast and awesome pricing glad I turned to these guys super happy with the outcome got to try out different exhaust make sure I was happy with my new setup before welding it in to. Be going back in the future definitely.
Jesse Banner
18:18 09 Apr 20
I took my truck in to have a cat back exhaust system installed, I originally tried to myself but It wasn't as plug and play as I thought. It needed to be custom fitted, so I decided to take it to Alta and I am glad I did. I told them what the issue was and they put it together for me perfectly, I am very impressed with the quality of work and how quickly it was done. I also loved that I was able to email Alta back and forth with very quick responses, they look out for you and your vehicle and provide awesome customer service.Thanks guys!!
Johnathan Gare
00:54 14 Mar 20
Zak was friendly and professional. After his mechanics took a look at my vehicle, they were able to quickly fix the problem. The fix was so simple that I was not charged. I would not hesitate to come back.
Susan and Edwin Loo
17:05 09 Mar 20
I had an exhaust tip that I needed help to remove on my 911 (rusted loose bolt but a metal plate in the way) that I thought would need a blow torch and some heavy equipment and a large bill to boot. I visited Alta Custom Exhaust spontaneously with only about 30 minutes before having to leave, and got together with Darcy to take a look at the issue. He had told me of their rate of ~70$/half an hour and 15$ shop costs on the phone but said he'd just "take a look". Darcy was extremely friendly and allowed me to be involved in his process and he was able to remove the exhaust by using a wedge to tighten and gain leverage on the clamp that the loose rusted bolt couldn't hold. Another shop technician was then able to remove the metal plate extremely cleanly using a cutter. Being a Porsche, I had expected to pay 300-500$ and a lot more time, but Alta Custom Exhaust was able to do this job for me in 30 minutes for a bill under $100, with very little heads up. Their work was extremely appreciated and I highly recommend these guys. They're down to earth, professional, transparent, and an incredible value! Thanks Darcy!
Hao Li
20:28 14 Feb 20
Super friendly, fast service. Really reasonable prices. Theres a reason I'll make a trip from St. Albert to them for any exhaust issues.
Ben Curley
17:58 07 Feb 20
Highly recommended! If I could give a 6 star rating I would without a doubt. Very friendly, great prices and surprisingly genuine. Zak helped me out in picking out an affordable exhaust for my car. They were not pushy and did not try to upsale. The service was very quick and I am very willing to go back for any work I may have in the future. If you need a mechanic you feel like you can trust, definitely give this place a try and you won't be dissatisfied. Thanks!
Shawn Michaud
19:00 25 Jan 20
Great group of guys here that do really solid and reliable work. Had them install a new exhaust for me and it turned out fantastic. Thanks for getting me going quickly gents!
-J .R
19:28 10 Jan 20
Excellent, honest, fast, and professional service. Great work guys keep it up! I highly recommend coming here!
Johnny Marton
19:52 21 Dec 19
Really good people here. They will help you out with your cut off catalytic converter. All your exhaust needs too.
Ramsey Roland
07:40 29 Oct 19
Best place anywhere to get work done HANDS DOWN!I have a 2007 f150. They've done a true dual exhaust with X-pipe for me. And a 6" suspension lift and leaf springs. Great service. Great prices. SUPERB QUALITY WORKMANSHIP! AND REAL HONESTY!! Which is hard to find. They make you feel like a friend or family. You're not JUST another customer
Brian Jenkins
18:24 28 Oct 19
Been here a number of times. Always reasonable, easy to deal with, straight forward, and honest. They've had plenty of chances to screw me over by parting out the solution, but have never had that happen.This place has that small shop feel where you get good responses from the guys that actually work on the vehicle. Might not always like the answer because repairs can be expensive, but these guys have been on the ball every time I've been there.Much better than the dealer shops I've dealt with.
Gord S
19:34 04 Oct 19
This a goto shop for me and friends. Decent prices. Great turn around time. Even without an appointment this shop helped me out when my exhaust hanger broke. They also do mechanical work on cars. Give them a try. Or atleast a call
Dean Reid
03:48 27 Sep 19
Very professional, I'm 100% happy with there work.
Kelly Dobson
23:55 14 Aug 19
Walked in having heard great things about this shop and left with a great impression. I wasn’t quite sure what sound I wanted on my truck but they were very transparent and open about allowing me into the shop to hear the sound of different mufflers before it was installed. Once I decided on what I wanted the service was really quick and great and the prices are competitive. Would recommend to a friend!
22:47 13 Aug 19
Amazing customer service! I went in for a quote on a repair for my muffler and they came back with a price a third of what a different place was going to charge me. They showed me what needed to be done and explained how they were going to fix it and it was done in very little time. I will be recommending this place to all my friends and family
Kristie Hunwick
14:51 08 Aug 19
I had Alta do a cat delete and muffler delete on my 2017 Chevy Cruze 3 months ago. They did a great job, welds are nicely done and everything was done in about 20 minutes. Zak did a great job going over options with me. My car sounds awesome and the price was exactly what I expected.
Brendan Freed
03:16 01 Jul 19
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Superfantastic place to get some exhaust work done. Got a muffler put on and they had to cut off the old one and weld on the new one and make a new tail pipe and customize the muffler bracket for under 190.00$ and they are really fast. Highly recommend this place. Friendly staff and nice air conditioning in the waiting room. Thank you guys.And very honest too.
Kevin Murphy
00:26 29 May 19
Very friendly staffs, i have been there for muffler replacement and they were helpful. thank you verey much.
serai noureddine
21:38 22 Apr 19
Excellent work, great staff, very trustworthy. I’ve been on a couple times now and they always do more than I ask for less than I have planned on paying. I brought my older Jaguar xj6 there after everyone I brought it too over quoted me because of the name on the trunk. They replace and custom bended me exhaust that fixed my problem and saved me 800$ compared to other shops. Highly recommend them.
Will Potter
17:58 07 Apr 19
Good honest service, good price. Just had some exhaust work done there as usual, been going here for about 3 years now. Harry
Hrvoje Lotar
19:38 31 Mar 19
Just had my brz in. Custom exhaust work done with black chrome tips. Looks great and sounds amazing. Zak did an awesome job. Honesty and high quality work, exactly what you want in a mechanic.
D Lee
14:37 29 Mar 19
Went from a single 3" to a 2.5" catless true dual exhaust/ x2 tips /x2 super 44 mufflers for a little over a g note. Clean welds, tips were evenly placed and stuck out the same distance. Only took 2 hours ! Highly recommend
Caine Ashcroft
23:31 27 Jan 19
I brought in my Mercedes that had engine lights and Zac was so nice and professional. Now my car drives like new after my dealer quoted me 6k to replace both.God bless you and thanks for your honesty.
Best Striping
00:04 19 Dec 18
Got referred by a coworker and I was not disappointed. Great service for a great price.
borje house
22:49 08 Dec 18
One of Edmonton’s best auto shops. From mufflers to auto repairs. Zak is great to deal with. Honest and the price is right.
Rahim Mawji
13:57 21 Nov 18
Zak is a great guy. His team are great. He will give you options on whats good for your car and budget. I will recommeblnd them to anyone.
Jay Randy C
22:37 24 Aug 18

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