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Alta Custom Exhaust is an automotive repair centre located on 9251 50 Street in Edmonton, Alberta. Dilshad Esmail started the company back in 1994, based on the principles of honesty, integrity, kindness, professionalism and of course, excellent workmanship.

Although “exhaust” is what is in the company’s name, but Alta Custom Exhaust’s services are much more than that. As your local Edmonton auto service company, Alta Custom Exhaust can help you with everything your car repair service in Edmonton needs, from quick oil changes, new vehicle maintenance to insurance inspections.

Alta Custom Exhaust can also handle out-of-province inspections, so if you are selling your vehicle or buying a new one, they can handle the inspection for you. The car repair company in Edmonton, Alberta services import and domestic cars, passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, motorhomes, cube vans, Peterbuilts and forklift radiators. They also provide a convenient drop-off service, allowing you to drop off your vehicle before the shop opens. All you have to do is include the keys and the information about your car, and you’re set.

The Edmonton automotive service company can also run a computer diagnostic on your vehicle. This is provides the ideal “check-up” on your vehicle, ensuring that everything is running smoothly before the onset of winter or a long road trip. As Alta Custom Exhaust’s always provides a free automotive repair quote or estimate, you will never be surprised by an extravagant bill or unknown item charges. As mentioned, honesty and excellence in automotive repair service in Edmonton, Alberta is one of Alta Custom Exhaust’s building blocks, and they mean it.

Alta Custom Exhaust has nine bays, which means that your vehicle will be looked at quickly by a professional automotive technician and the problem will be taken care of efficiently. The Edmonton mechanic shop values your time as much as you do, and understands that your vehicle is necessary to your way of life. Two of the car repair company’s bays are larger, allowing it to service many different sizes of vehicles.
The Edmonton auto service company can also change your tires; as always, winter tires are a necessity with Edmonton’s long, hard and harsh winters. You can also consult with one of Alta Custom Exhaust’s qualified tire technicians to decide which tires will be the best for your vehicle, depending on the season, the type of vehicle and your driving habits.

If you are interested in customizing your vehicle, Alta Custom Exhaust also has after-market parts available over the counter. The Edmonton, Alberta mechanic shop can also build custom exhaust systems for your truck or vehicle as well.

As a Better Business Bureau accredited business, Alta Custom Exhaust values your concerns and questions regarding any vehicular topic.

Alta Custom Exhaust is conveniently located on a bus route, allowing you to go about your errands during the day while your vehicle is being worked on.

The Edmonton, Alberta mechanic shop is open on Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., and on Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., giving you a wide variety of hours to drop off your vehicle or contact them for an estimate.

Are you having issues putting your vehicle into 4×4 drive, or turning it off? Are the gears making strange squeaky sounds? This Edmonton automotive repair center also provides 4×4 diagnoses and repair, giving you peace of mind on what is wrong with your vehicle and fixing it promptly.

Alta Custom Exhaust can upkeep all items on your vehicle, from seasonal maintenance, oil and grease jobs, all fluid replacement, to wheel alignments and changes. This Edmonton, Alberta based automotive repair shop also provides transmission service, replacement and removal.
Need new tires? Alta Custom Exhaust can not only help you decide which tires you can purchase, it can install, mount and balance, and repair your tires as well. So whether you need to replace a tire due to damage or just plain wear and tear, Alta Custom Exhaust can provide you with the services and parts you need.

Are your brakes screeching at your for you to change them? The Edmonton brake repair shop can not only replace your brakes, they can provide you with a diagnosis of the system itself, including your ABS (automatic brake system).

The Edmonton, Alberta car repair company also provides electrical troubleshooting, cooling system diagnosis and repair. Is your engine light on? Alta Custom Exhaust can diagnose the problem, plus figure out trouble codes and perform scan tests, repair and diagnosis.
All of Alta Custom Exhaust’s technicians have the highest qualifications and are all certified for the automotive service that they provide. Your vehicle is in the safest of hands while it is at our Edmonton vehicle repair shop.

Contact us today on our 24 Hour information/appointment line (780) 464-7887. Please do not hesitate to call us with any of your valued questions.

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